ENDURO CAMP TRENČÍN 01.-03.09.2023

DIRTBIKERIDER as a special guest

Come with us to the great event EC Trenčín 2023. The Trenčín Motopark area, where the camp will be held, is a great choice for both advanced and beginner enduro riders. Available are:

- EXERCISE track where warm-up takes place. Beginner riders stay on this section for training under the supervision of an instructor

- EXTREM TEST - which tests the skills and knowledge of more experienced riders and is an excellent opportunity for Hard Enduro practice

- MX Track - a beautiful and technically demanding motocross track where you can jump

- EDNURO TRAIL - in the adjacent forest, with a lot of mud and stone sections as well as a lot of obstacles of different nature. You just have to choose.

Address of the proceedings: Ľudovíta Stárka, 911 01 Trenčín

GPS: N: 48.88; E: 18.038

You will get more information here:

6,700.00 Kč 7,900.00 Kč
price incl. VAT