ENDURO CAMP PÍSEK 07.-09.04.2023

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The camp takes place in a former military area
with an area of 100ha.

For MX enthusiasts there is a motocross track and for enduro enthusiasts there is a large forest with lots of grooves, jumps, drops, streams, rocks and other natural obstacles to climb.

We have facilities for the camp in a log cabin on site, where the goulash will be cooked in a cauldron.

As the area is vast we have a guide who knows every nook and cranny and interesting place.

The camp is open to all ages from beginners to advanced riders. Each participant is treated individually.

We will have 2 of the world's top motocross and enduro riders coming to our camp as guests, who will be dedicated to you and will try to pass on their knowledge to you.

Petr Polák.

Zdeněk Pitel