Enduro is not a crime...

EBA fully subscribes to this slogan and stands behind everything related to this belief. However, we are looking for ways to not break the law and be able to drive. Because Enduro belongs in the forest, and we look for and organize the forests and parks where it is possible to ride legally for you.

Otherwise, we are a bunch of completely ordinary people who are united by love and enthusiasm for enduro bikes, riding them and their technology. We are each at a different level of riding knowledge, from beginners to advanced. Of course, each of us is working on improvement and progress, which you can also be a part of.

Legal driving

It is a well-known fact that riding enduro in the forest or in the meadows is not legal in our countries, and many of us have already had more than one problem because of this. Why this is so, we can discuss endlessly, but we probably won't do anything about it. It is possible to rely on the helpfulness of the forest guard or the forest owner, but it does not always work. And as it goes on, it is tolerated less and less. Enduro Brothers Academy therefore solves this problem by organizing Enduro Camps and Enduro Schools on closed tracks and places where you can ride perfectly with impunity. 

Places, countries and motorcycles

EBA organizes its camps in areas and forests in various places in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. You can find out about the current dates and venues in our e-shop.

Support and background

Our camps are of course organized with full support and facilities. We don't do it in the style of "letting you go on the track" and take care of yourself. 

Each camp provides participants with a program, an instructor, food, interesting competitions for even more interesting prizes and, of course, accommodation and basic health care.

Accessories and equipment

We do not explicitly sell accessories, spare parts and equipment, because in the flood of a million e-shops and shops that are available either on the web or as solid stores, we see no reason to do so. But since we have an e-shop for our camps, you will of course also find some useful things for your motorcycle or yourself.

A special category is the EBA Products category, where you will find components designed and manufactured in our own production. With an emphasis on quality, functionality and durability. These products were created based on our own experience and driving, or dissatisfaction with original parts or accessories.